August Earning

So here we are at the end of August. Here’s August earning:

Following the drop of visitors on all my sites after the Panda update, the CB sales suffered heavy blow. Well, can’t expect much from 20 visitors/day anyway. I’ve been firing a barrage of articles to articles directories for the past 2 months in vain and that has forced me to change strategies. Apparently, I simply cannot “force” Google to get back my site ranking no matter how many backlinks I created.

I did some search on the Panda updates and here’s what comes out of sites that received heavy blows (taken from quicksprouts):

  • A high percent of duplicate content. This might apply to a page, a site or both. If it’s a site measure then that might contribute to each page’s evaluation.
  • A low amount of original content on a page or site.
  • A high percent or number of pages with a low amount of original content.
  • A high amount of inappropriate adverts (pages don’t match the search query), especially high on the page.
  • Page content and page title tag not matching the search queries a page does well for.

Well, all my sites DO have large percent of duplicate content since I spin all of them and submit them to various directories and article distribution service for backlink. Here’s his suggestion to fix this:

  • Share only high value, unique content – even if the Panda updates aren’t yet sophisticated enough to fight scraping sites still dominating the SERPs, rest assured that that’s the direction Google is heading. In the long run, providing people with good, original content is the best way to survive.
  • Improve page load times – Google has made several announcements related to page load times, so it’s clearly something that’s on their radar now and will be in the future. To improve your page load times, restructure bloated code, compress or resize image files and take advantage of caching plugins if you are running your site on a content management system.
  • Build brand awareness with social networking – because links from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are now being taken into account as a ranking factor, it’s a good idea to increase your presence on these sites. Use them to reach out and connect with your visitors naturally, instead of trying to game the system by spamming links or buying friends.
  • Avoid over-optimization – when it comes to ranking well in a post-Panda world, natural is the name of the game. If you have pages on your site that are so tightly targeted to a particular keyword phrase that they’re nearly impossible to read, rewrite them. Or, if you’ve coded every meta and headline tag with your target keyword, consider replacing some of them with terms that create a better experience for your users.
  • Share expert content – remember, Google is looking to reward expert sites, and one thing that these authority pages routinely do is to link out to other great content that they feel will benefit their users. When you are writing your new, unique content, start linking out to at least 1 to 2 high quality sites in each article.

So, here’s my plan to get the site back:

1. I still targeting the same keyword, but I’ll replace most of the article in my site with new unique content. I won’t spin this and I won’t place it in anywhere else. Actually, this is part of Adam Short’s “21 Days Article Marketing” strategy and I’ve been know it for quite a while, but back then I thought it’ll be a waste to just use an article once, so I spin it anyway.

2. I tried to improve my site’s load time.
– Install W3 Total Cache plugin; this has made my site crashed and took all day to fix it.
– Install WP Super Cache plugin; don’t feel the effect yet.
– Lowering the image quality of my header, thus decreasing its size. I’m thinking of doing the same with the banners, but don’t have time for that yet.
– Uninstall unused plugin such as akismet.

3. I discard AMR from my backlinking strategy. I used it for month and it doesn’t seem to do anything at all aside from wasting my time and make my anti-malware software screaming “accessing potentially dangerous site” over and over again. From time to time, I also checking the backlinks at Yahoo site explorer; they don’t seem to be indexed anyway.

4. I stop submitting article and try to convert existed articles into different format (such as PDF, MP3, or video) to be submitted to various directories. I get my writer busy creating unique content for my site instead.

Hopefully this will give some boosts to the visitors post Panda update.

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