These are advices and tips that I found very useful, keep me motivated, and have helped me a lot in realizing my mistakes.

“Life’s simple. You make decisions and you don’t look back.”
Han on “The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift”

“It costs $0.00 to be a nice person. Don’t be an asshole.”

You’re the one who decides what your worth is”
Maki Ohguro in Anything Goes

“There is no cosmic rule that says great suffering equals great reward”
Mandy Len Catron

“If you’re going to fight, the don’t worry about losing”
Maki Ohguro in Anything Goes

“Your life is yours and you don’t need other people telling you what to do.”
Celestine Chua

It’s never too late for a comeback

Welcome to the knife fight, to the rough and tumble world of being an entrepreneur. A universe of extremes. Work hard. Play hard. High highs. Low lows. Humiliation. Exhilaration.

My friend, there are some of us who are just BORN to thrive in extremes. You crave the WHOLE enchilada. You want access to the whole box of chocolates. You want the CHOICE to grab that nugget of mystery out of the box and get whatever you get. And reach for another and another.

It’s hard, but it’s better than the SAFETY of having someone else skim off the gourmet stuff and feed you stale 8-month-old Hershey bars.

150 years ago if you preferred the Wild West to a 3 bedroom condo and 3 square meals everyday, you were surely a little bit INsane.

Today, if you prefer the Wild West to institutional mediocrity, it’s probably the best possible assurance that you ARE sane… that the world hasn’t yet pounded every last ounce of adventure out of your soul. That you don’t want to sit in a cube under buzzing fluorescent lights and follow the car ahead of you to oblivion every day. You don’t want to gulp down antidepressants and watch TV from 5pm til bedtime.

If you thirst for greater things, if you dream of accomplishing something really big and daring in your life (and I’m NOT just talking about money by the way) then I’m here to tell you, you’re in good company.

If you’ve failed and failed and failed again…. or if you’ve achieved modest success only to have a monsoon wipe out what was so promising…. if you’re constantly dodging the snakes and arrows…. you’re in splendid company.

It’s never too late for a comeback.

It may be lonely in your particular corner of cyberspace on a particular Tuesday afternoon, but I’m here to assure you, you’re not the only one.

One more thing:

There is no such thing as a great person in history who was a “perfectly reasonable guy.” We’re all a little bit unreasonable, a little shaky, a little insane. And driven by an inner fire that won’t go out.

Passion is the fire that lights itself.

If you have that Passion, give thanks for it, honor it, and press into it. Harder.

Not everybody has it. But you do. And you know it.

So write it in blood. Put it in an obvious place so you never let yourself forget it.

The entire history of your life culminates in the present moment, and all the possibilities that it holds. Right now.

Every hour, every day….

…seize the day. by Perry Marshall

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