A Life Change

These past few months have been hectic enough that I can’t afford to spare time for posting, but basically the September and October earning were massive enough that I considered something more drastic – a life change. I weren’t able to actually do it for various reasons during the past few months, but eventually I did it this December: moving out.

It’s not a pleasant decision actually, but my options were quite limited: between the bad (moving out without certainty) or the worse (stay at home working on the dead-stagnant family business), finally I took the first choice. I moved to a bigger city about 100km from home, rent a room, and hoping that this business will work out somehow now that I devote all my time to work on it.

I KNOW this is the best course of action I could take and I took it, but it’s not preventing me from second-guessing myself from time to time and everytime I think about my fund running out before I could make this business can sustain me, it’s like a butterfly at the size of hedgedog running out in my stomach. But, hey, I tried to follow the advice “life’s simple: you make decisions, and you don’t look back“. If my $2.5/hour oDesk contractor could quit from his day job, there is no reason I couldn’t make this work right?

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2 Responses to A Life Change

  1. kelvin says:

    cool! I thought you had to work on your family business because your parents wanted you to ?

    Hope all goes well for you!

  2. Hendry says:

    No, I came home because I thought I could grow the family business. Well, I was making lots of assumption and most of them were wrong, I just didn’t realized it until it was too late

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