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So this is my second week trying to work this full time. It didn’t really worked as I hoped it since there were still distractions (minor) and sometimes it still struck me that I’ve done my daily task and there is still so much time. I try to work it out and fill it with productive activities instead of just fidgeting to fill out time.

My first project was altering my traffic source to PPC. This didn’t really work well though. My first attempt was several months ago when I tried to use Mark’s method (review page and targeting “product review” keyword”. I received warning from G because it violate their “Bridge page” policy. Your page will be marked as “bridge page” if only exist to drove traffic to other website (which pretty much the core of affiliate marketing). They said my page doesn’t offer value to the user and give example of a page comparing products, which – in their opinion – is giving value to the user.

So I tried to follow their advices. I made a huge comparison table and compare 10+ products head to head, then try to drove PPC traffic to that page. Again, G said the landing page violate their ToS. Didn’t bother to look for which ToS this time since they suspend my AdWords account permanently.

This is their email

Dear AdWords Advertiser,

It has come to our attention that your Google AdWords account does not comply with our Terms of Service and Advertising Policies.  As a result, your account and any related accounts have been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on Google.  Please be aware that you are prohibited from possessing or creating any other AdWords accounts, both now and in the future

In other words, if I want to try PPC again, I’ll have to use different name and different credit card. Nice. I think it’ll be hard for an affiliate marketer to advertise in AdWords anymore as long as the “bridge page” policy still exists.

Before I had my AdWords account banned, I also tried to look for PPC training for affiliate (since most PPC training is aimed toward business/product owner). PPC classroom is still ongoing and won’t open until God-know-when, so I opt in for PPC Coach despite the reviews on WarriorForum.

Consider this as my review for PPC Coach. First, the opening videos were quite outdated, it dated back in 2009 and he promoted his own affiliate network (a CPA based network which NO LONGER EXIST). Still, he didn’t bother to update the video and still use that network as an example.

He didn’t promote ClickBank. Instead, he suggest to be a member of a handful of CPA based networks which have quite complicated sign-up procedure. I finally got in at Ads4Dough. The affiliate manager interviewed me and approve my account. Quite an affiliate manager I would say, since he need 2 days to answer each of my question and he answer with another question. Great.

The training videos are all dated back in 2009 when G didn’t hate affiliate so much and you still could direct-linking and get away with it. The method (which he called ‘hot topic’ method) was quite shocking. You simply pick your niche based on news site, then post something, put an ad in it, and hoping your PPC traffic will click on that ad.

The example went like this:
1. He chose wrestling niche
2. Find a news about Hulk Hogan
3. Copy and paste the news with added opening and closing 2 sentences paragraph (how much quality score could you get with that method now?)
4. Put a banner that promote credit card or something like that
5. Bid on “hulk hogan” (no one bid on that keyword at that time which is a sign that it is not a profitable keyword).

That’s it. We’re expected to keep update the site and bid new keyword and put new ad for every post created. I was like “wow!”. Everyday I got hundreds of free traffic to my page, coming from a specific keyword with product promoted matched to that keyword and still the conversion is really low. What’ll happen if I send paid traffic there?

He still has some other methods and I’m still considering whether to keep learning or not (since the service is expensive at $50/month) when my AdWords account got banned. Well, that’s the signal for me to get out.

So now I still stuck with SEO as my traffic generation method. Currently I’m trying to build a new site and promote physical product instead. Hopefully this one’ll work .

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