21 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 21

The last day – and I still don’t feel like doing it tomorrow. Maybe the “become a habit” effect got lessen since I skipped 3 days. Hahaha

Gratitude today goes toward work that went quite smooth. My (personal) helper has back from holiday so hopefully starting from Monday I’ll get faster response from HQ.

Got a visit from a friend and chat a bit. Also very thankful for my parent (dad especially) that the house-buying went smoothly.

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Inner Circle – Is it Really Yours?

How many heads in your inner circle? 4? 5? 10? Do you satisfied with it or do you keep trying to expand your social network?

Today is the first day of 3 days group activities that I chose to skip. This isn’t the first group activity invitation that I reject and I guess won’t be the last either. The most straightforward reason is that I’m still not comfortable around them and thus I’m not sure it’ll be good experience for me. This decision isn’t based on some random insecure feeling, but from what I went through on former (shorter) group activities.

The effort to expand my social network only has one purpose, to find people I comfortable with that also comfortable around me. During the last few years, I joined class, group activities, friends gathering, and so on for this very purpose. And every time I found out that they did not “click” with me, I’ll bail out or put a distance in purpose.

Why? Because I don’t want to be in a group for the sake of to be in a group. Literally, just to have a bunch of people within 4 meter radius from me chattering and bantering without really being an actual part of it. I know some people enjoy sitting on the sidelines like a loyal spectator, smiling and clapping as things happening around them, just so they can have a place to belong. The kind of guy/gal you don’t realize they exist until someone point on him/her on the group picture and ask “who’s this?”

I frankly don’t see the point of doing that. If you don’t enjoy being among them, why force yourself? At some point, you’ll realize that you’re still alone, even within the crowd, and you’ve forced yourself to do things you don’t enjoy for nothing. So if you think you’ve been doing that, check again the guys/gals around you – are they really your inner circle? Or you’re simply forcing yourself to be part of them?

They say “birds of the same feather flock together”; it seems that either I approach this matter wrong or I haven’t found my flock yet. Time will tell…?


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21 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 20

Day 20!

Started the day by working out after keep skipping on it for the last few weeks due to many interruptions. As usual, first workout after skipping always left my body aching (still is now). It’s good to go back to the old workout routine (still can’t find motivation to maintain proper diet though)

Work also went by smoothly. Finished early with some time to spare on doing my own sites. There were a few complaints but nothing major.

And last, also grateful for caring parents. I didn’t need to go out for a few days since my mom packed up meals for me.



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21 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 19

2 days left for the 21 day challenge. It is said that you need 3 weeks to make a habit, but nearing the finish line, I still don’t think I already made this my habit. Well, there is something tugged me every night, like “ugh, have to do the 21 Day Challenge..”,  but can’t say I’ll happily do it for the rest of my life. Maybe, if I don’t have to write it down though…

Today I’m very thankful for going back to the usual routine. Got extra time to do my own work too. Skipped an invitation to going out and working on my site instead.

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21 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 18

Wrote it once. Lost since I got logged out by my flamming ISP

In essence:

- gratitude that today I sealed the deal

- People helping me during the process

- all people and events involved lead me to this day

- no sense of accomplishment, rather, mostly feels of gratitude for this gift

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